The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development

Accelerating Breakthrough Medicines

The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development is a $340 million US and UK initiative to support the discovery and development of therapeutic breakthroughs by physician-scientists. It is a new and powerful model that addresses a set of major challenges in advancing medicine. Together, the Harrington Project for Discovery & Development’s aligned set of mission-driven organizations supports the nation’s corps of physician-scientists, transforms drug development from research institutes, and creates a robust biotech development platform for the benefit of patients and society.

Non-Profit Elements

The Harrington Discovery Institute

The Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio is a non-profit initiative that enables physician-scientists to transform their extensive, cross-cutting knowledge derived from real-life practice and research into therapies that improve patients’ lives significantly more than the current standard of care. Through annual competitions, the Harrington Discovery Institute selects a group of scholars whose projects are grant funded for advancing their discoveries. It is led by Dr. Jonathan Stamler and guided by a renowned advisory board, all of whom are physician-scientist innovators.

The Innovation Support Center

The Innovation Support Center within the Harrington Discovery Institute, also a non-profit initiative, provides mentorship, resource connections, and business support to assist physician-scientists. Guided by experienced industry and investment professionals, the Innovation Support Center develops relationships between inventors and industry experts to prepare discoveries for advancement to commercialization.

For-Profit Accelerator

BioMotiv, a for-profit accelerator, designed to specifically advance breakthrough discoveries into medicines through an innovative business model.

The Harrington Family

The Harrington Family has a passion for finding entrepreneurial solutions to pressing problems. The family transformed Edgepark Surgical into the largest mail-order provider of specialty medical supplies in the United States. The family sold the majority interest in Edgepark’s parent company in 2010. In 2013, Cardinal Health bought the company for more than $2 billion.

Today, the family is taking on two major intersecting challenges: accelerating the discovery and development of medical breakthroughs, and enabling physicians to play critical roles in the process. To this end, the Harrington family donated $50 million in 2012, the largest donation ever to University Hospitals, to establish the Harrington Discovery Institute and launch The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development. Combined with their prior donations to University Hospitals, the Harrington Family has become the most generous philanthropic family in the history of the institution.