We are interested in licensing and developing therapeutics across all disease areas that are at the lead optimization through IND-enabling stages of development.

Orca Pharmaceuticals

Source: New York University

Target: RORy Inhibitors

Researchers: Dan Littman, Juh Hun

Indication: Psoriasis

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Kodosil Bio

Source: BioAtla

Target: IL-22 Inhibitors

Researchers: Bill Boyle

Indication: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Dual Therapeutics

Source: Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University

Target: PP2a Activators

Researchers: Goutham Narla, Michael Ohlmeyer, Matthew Galsky

Indication: Cancer

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Source: University of California, San Francisco; University of Washington

Target: IRE1a Inhibitors

Researchers: Feroz Papa, Scott Oakes, Bradley Backes, Dustin Maly

Indication: Retinitis Pigmentosa

Sujana Biotech

Source: Case Western Reserve University

Target: GBIba Inhibitor of Mac-1

Researchers: Daniel Simon, Edward Plow, Yunmei Wang

Indication: Anti-inflammatory

Koutif Therapeutics

Source: University of Pittsburgh and United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Target: Fbxo3 inhibitor
Researchers: Rama Mallampalli, Beibei Chen
Indication:  Inflammatory diseases

Allinaire Therapeutics

Source: Indiana University

Target: Confidential

Researchers: Irina Petrache, Matthias Clauss

Indication: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Source: University of Auckland

Target: Cancer Vaccine Platform (NY-ESO-1, Epstein-Barr Virus)

Researchers: Rod Dunbar, Margaret Brimble

Indication: Immuno-Oncology


Source: Confidential
Target: Confidential
Indication:  Acute Kidney Injury

Inclera Therapeutics

A development company that helps scientists advance their technology towards commercialization