Accelerating Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines

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By: Baiju Shah

BioMotiv was established in 2012 as a mission-driven company with a singular focus—to Accelerate Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines for patients. As an integral part of The Harrington Project, BioMotiv takes a different approach to innovative drug discovery, namely aligning capital, capabilities, and collaborations at earlier stages of development — filling a resource gap known as the “valley of death” — to advance technologies that are too early for venture capital or industry funding into promising medicines ready for clinical testing. Addressing a significant societal need and a market failure, we invest our resources toward impact for patients waiting for new or better therapies and cures.

In our first five years, we have initiated development on more than a dozen promising technologies from leading US and global research institutions, advancing programs from discovery through IND-enabling work. We have built an effective and efficient operating platform that includes an experienced team, industry partners, and expert advisors. And we have formed strategic partnershipswith leading global companies including Takeda, Biogen, Arix Bioscience, and Charles River Laboratories – further strengthening the resources we have to offer.

We define success as getting innovative new medicines into the clinic for the patients who need it most — kids, parents, family members, and friends living with major and rare diseases that have no treatments or for whom existing treatments are insufficient. Our mission-driven team works hard every day to reach that goal.

And now we are ready to share our story. I hope you will follow us through this blog as we share our insights, experiences, and successes, as we pursue our mission to accelerate breakthrough discoveries into medicines for the patients who need them most. You can also follow our story on LinkedIn or Twitter @BioMotiv.