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Partnering with CROs to Cross the Valley of Death

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By: Kimmi Schonhorst and Baiju Shah

Companies with novel business systems have begun to emerge to overcome some of the obstacles frequently encountered in navigating the valley of death. Core to BioMotiv’s business system are strategic partnerships with organizations that bring complementary and necessary capabilities to drug development. One type of partner that is crucial to the success of our model are contract research organizations (CROs).

CROs are companies that have traditionally provided support to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the form of research services outsourced on a fee-for-service basis. Such services may take the forms, among others, of laboratory work and regulatory document preparation and filing. Many companies choose to contract with CROs to help supplement existing resources on an as-needed basis and prevent the need to purchase equipment or hire staff that may only be needed on a short-term basis.

Today, CROs add even more value as strategic partners who utilize their abundance of expertise and institutional knowledge, in addition to their scientific capabilities, to work alongside clients in a more collaborative model.  In addition, working with CROs allows companies to access state-of-the-art tools, technology, and expertise for projects. 

BioMotiv and Charles River Laboratories have an integrated strategic partnership that allows BioMotiv to access the full breadth of Charles Rivers’ drug development expertise and capabilities.  Charles Rivers’ experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in drug development for a diverse array of projects. They help BioMotiv design experiments and compounds and provide expert consultants and scientific advisory board members for our projects. This helps companies like BioMotiv bring deep expertise and manage a broad portfolio of projects.

“Cultivating a true drug development partnership with CROs such as Charles River Laboratories allows us to more effectively and efficiently accelerate breakthrough discoveries into medicines,” said Charles McOsker, PhD, BioMotiv, Senior Vice President of Technical Operations.  


To learn more about the advantages of strategic partnerships with CROs, check out the Drug Discovery World article, Emerging Drug Discovery Alliance Models.

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