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Accelerating Breakthrough Discoveries Through Flexible Collaboration Models and Resource Allocation

By: Angela W. Corona, PhD

Angela W. Corona, PhD Director, Business Development

Angela W. Corona, PhD
Director, Business Development

BioMotiv works at a much earlier stage in drug development than most pharma or VC investors – with a majority of our new drug development projects beginning at preclinical stages. This approach maximizes our ability to identify potential breakthrough drugs, but also places us at the most inherently risky stage of drug-development – the precipice of the valley of death (the resource gap between academic discovery and entry into later-stage clinical development). At this stage, ambiguity around the risks of the project are impossible to eliminate completely prior to taking those first steps off the precipice.

 As the BioMotiv model has evolved with experience, we have developed flexible collaboration and licensing models that are tailored both to the scientific and business rationale of a particular project and to the de-risking necessary to develop drugs that are ready either for partnership with large pharma or for syndication with other investors to continue development through clinical trials and commercialization. At the core of our business model is the optioning or in-licensing of intellectual property for early stage drug development projects. We form an LLC company around each drug development project with BioMotiv typically serving as the lead investor and controlling entity, and we establish an expert management team that is responsible for steering the technical and business strategy of the company. You can read more about our portfolio of drug development projects here.

 Our commitment to accelerating breakthrough technologies often leads us to projects that are characterized by a novel and promising target but that are either lacking or ambiguous in one (or more) key areas of information. For example, the project may lack a pharmaceutically acceptable lead molecule that can act as a starting point for medicinal chemistry/lead optimization, it may require additional proof-of-concept target validation information, or it may need to obtain direct evidence of the target’s involvement in human disease. Rather than shy away from these early projects, we have crafted collaboration strategies that allow us to share risk and and evaluate the project prior to making the commitment to exclusively license the development rights.

One such collaboration strategy is provided by Inclera Therapeutics, which provides expertise in drug discovery and development, laboratory infrastructure, and funding to help off-set early stage risks of the project. Collaborators with Inclera may receive direct funding for execution of key experiments, ‘hands-on’ assistance in creating and executing against a non-dilutive funding strategy from the NIH, Department of Defense, and foundation partners, or some combination of both direct funding and grants assistance. Inclera is currently advancing a portfolio of novel ophthalmology, fibrosis, and oncology therapeutics. The benefits of working with Inclera include expert assistance with a drug development research plan, extensive expertise in navigating the NIH small business funding program, access to our CRO partners, and the potential for further investment opportunities from BioMotiv.

 Offering flexible collaboration structures and tailored resources is essential to realizing our goal of accelerating breakthrough discoveries that have been neglected by traditional funding sources.

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