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Diane Jorkasky

Diane Jorkasky, MD, FACP


Dr. Diane K. Jorkasky is a highly regarded medical scientist and researcher in the pharmaceutical industry with a broad background across research and all phases of clinical development and in every therapeutic area.

Her broad experience includes positions as Head of Development and Chief Medical Officer at Endo Pharmaceuticals, with involvement in the development of drugs, devices and generics, and Aileron Therapeutics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she guided the research and development of stapled peptides for clinical indications.

Prior to these roles, Dr. Jorkasky had served as the Vice President of Global Clinical Research Operations for Pfizer and the leader of its Operational Excellence Board for Development at the Pfizer Global Research and Development. In this role Dr. Jorkasky was responsible for ensuring that all exploratory development, clinical pharmacology (phases 1-4), translational medicine and clinical technology studies were appropriately conducted. In her role as leader of the Operation Excellence Board for Development, she drove data standards and improvements in Pfizer’s drug development process to gain efficiencies in timelines and performance from Phase 1 to 4. Dr. Jorkasky also established the Pfizer alliance in PET imaging with Yale Medical School, which, after its seventh year, had produced 66 peer reviewed publications and 10 critical decision studies for Pfizer.

She sits on the Board of Directors of Tengion Inc, a regenerative medicine company and is President of her own research and development consulting business with emphasis on translational pharmacology and medicine in the development of drugs. Dr. Jorkasky is board certified in internal medicine, nephrology and clinical pharmacology. She is on the faculties of UCSF, Yale, Penn and Uniformed Service of Health Sciences Medical Schools, and has published over 100 peer reviewed articles. She is a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Technology. Dr. Jorkasky received her B.A. in Chemistry from the College of Wooster and her M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.