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Juliana Woda

Juliana Woda, PhD

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Dr. Juliana M. Woda is a Director of Technical Operations at BioMotiv.

Juliana has over 23 years of biological research and drug development experience. Prior to BioMotiv, she worked as Director of Translational Research for Juventas Therapeutics in Cleveland, overseeing all aspects of preclinical development of novel biologics. Juliana also spent four years at Athersys (Cleveland) as a Scientist and later Senior Scientist in Regenerative Medicine, developing cell therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular, immunological, and neurological indications.

Juliana completed her PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Harvard University, specializing in Cell and Developmental Biology. Her postdoctoral fellowship with Massachusetts General Hospital focused on examining the normal function of the protein mutated in Huntington’s Disease. Juliana holds an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University.