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Nynex Therapeutics Launched to Target Oncogenic Proteins in the Treatment of Cancer

CLEVELAND, OH – March 16, 2017

Formed in partnership between BioMotiv and University of MichiganNynex will develop breakthrough drugs that inhibit deubiquitinases as a novel mechanism for therapeutic intervention in multiple difficult-to-treat cancers, including melanoma.

Nynex’s work will build on a novel method developed by researchers at the University of Michigan that blocks the deubiquitinase USP9x, resulting in targeted degradation of known oncogenic proteins – including Mcl-1 – and, in turn, induction of cell death and decreased tumor growth in multiple cancers.  These findings were published in the February 2017 edition of Nature Communications.

The company’s intellectual property is licensed from the University of Michigan. It was developed by a team of researchers across the departments of Internal Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, and Pharmacology: Moshe Talpaz, MD, Hollis Showalter, PhD, Nicholas Donato, PhD, Luke Peterson, PhD, and Matthew Young, PhD.

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