Accelerating Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines



We are interested in licensing and developing technologies across all disease areas and in broad classes of therapeutics. We seek opportunities from the lead optimization stage through IND-enabling stages of development.

Allinaire Therapeutics

Source: Indiana University
Target: EMAP 2
Researchers: Irina Petrache, Matthias Clauss
Indication: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Dual Therapeutics

Source: Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University
Target: PP2a Activators
Researchers: Goutham Narla, Michael Ohlmeyer, Matthew Galsky
Indication: Cancer

Aro Biotherapeutics

A biotechnology company focused on the research and development of Centyrins – a next-generation protein drug platform.

Source: Johnson & Johnson
Indication:  Oncology
Investors: Johnson & Johnson Innovation and BioMotiv


Gladstone Institutes

Source: Gladstone Institutes
Target: Confidential
Researchers: Jorge Palop
Indication: Dravet's Syndrome

Koutif Therapeutics

Source: University of Pittsburgh and United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Target: Fbxo3 inhibitor
Researchers: Rama Mallampalli, Beibei Chen
Indication:  Inflammatory diseases

Inclera Therapeutics

A development company that helps scientists advance their technology towards commercialization.



Source: University of California, San Francisco; University of Washington
Target: IRE1a Inhibitors
Researchers: Feroz Papa, Scott Oakes, Bradley Backes, Dustin Maly
Indications: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, NASH, cancer, diabetes, ophthalmology, and neurodegenerative diseases

Orca Pharmaceuticals

Source: New York University
Target: RORy Inhibitors
Researchers: Dan Littman, Juh Hun
Indication: Psoriasis

Brickwell and AstraZeneca.png


Source: University of Auckland
Target: Cancer Vaccine Platform
Researchers: Rod Dunbar, Margaret Brimble
Indication: Immuno-Oncology


Sujana Biotech

Source: Case Western Reserve University
Target: GBIba Inhibitor of Mac-1
Researchers: Daniel Simon, Edward Plow, Yunmei Wang
Indication: Anti-inflammatory


Source: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Target: Pan-TAM inhibitors
Researchers: Ray Birge, William Welsh, Youyi Peng
Indication: Various cancers